Constructing Quotes that Boost Your Press Release

Attributed quotes can serve many essential functions in a press release. When constructed correctly, they present information to the reader while allowing the opportunity to showcase your company and spokesperson personality. Additionally, breaking up the flow of reported information with a quote can add dimension to a press release and keep the reader engaged in your full story.

The best constructed quotes add context to the information you are conveying to journalists and other audiences, rather than bury newly presented information. Below are a few tips to help you construct compelling quotes that add value to your content:

Align quoted material with the tone and voice of your brand and company. Branding is not only your company logo and colors, but also the tone of voice you use. Your tone should be consistent not only in press releases but throughout all your marketing channels. Audiences will come to know and recognize your branded tone.

Say something substantial and worthy that your readers need to know. Journalists do not always have time to dedicate to reading through lengthy press releases. In fact, journalists may just scan a release and only read fully if the material is immediately identifiable as relevant and newsworthy for their audience. For this reason, a quote should be thought out just as thoroughly as the rest of your content. Share your information in order of importance within a quote as well. This will also help to minimize content clutter.

Content should always be relevant and contribute something positive. Stay relevant to the theme of your press release. This will accomplish three main goals you should strive to achieve: it will make the press release easier to read; it will increase changes for your quote to be used; it will help position the person quoted as an expert.

Don’t use a quote as filler content. Press release quotes should only be used to enhance overall content. When you present a quote that does not work to convey your overall message, you miss an opportunity to engage with readers. Doing so may even increase your bounce rates.

Keep it simple.  If you are using a quote to add value, make sure it clearly explains and contextualizes the information.

In short, journalists sift through hundreds of press releases daily. An experienced B2B PR agency, such as Montner Tech PR, can help you discover the right company tone and work with you to construct quotes that support successful business marketing campaigns. Our high-tech PR agency will assist in your press release writing to deliver material that is readable and delivers news effectively.